Anonymous asked:

i hate it how u try so ard to be a feminist. youre a man, im a man. why dont u live up to ur blog and act like a man.

ball-deep answered:

How about you take a big step back and literally fuck your own face? If I want to support women in every way possible short of cutting my own dick off, I’ll support each and every one of them like a damn D cup.

When I have a little girl I want her to understand men like you. If she’s pushed around by a boy I want her to push back twice as hard. I want her to know she is strong, she is powerful, her heart is twice as big. I do not want her to be afraid. Least of all by a man. I want her to never apologize for loving herself, for loving who she is and what she is. To never just accept the love that she thinks she deserves. Her virginity is hers and she’s allowed to wait however long she wants. What she chooses to wear is what she chooses to wear. That she is allowed to not be interested. Masturbation is for everyone. Without women, man is nothing. You are yours. Not theirs. Be ashamed of the men shouting those rude things at you from the speeding car, not yourself. The difference between nice guys and “nice” guys.

When I have a little man, I never want him to feel belittled by “real men” such as yourself. I want him to know that it’s okay. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to like the color pink. If boys call him gay I want him to plant his feet firmly into this earth and ask, “How is that be a bad thing?” I want him to know what the word misogynist means. What consent is, and how god damn important it is. I want him to know that those things walking around with boobs and two sets of lips are women, and women are to be treated with respect. That a gentleman, not a stud, is what you should aim to be. That its not about how many you fuck. When a girl says no then all bets are off, thank her for her time and walk. A woman’s claim on herself is absolute. A girl who says she’s lesbian isn’t playing hard to get. Rape is a no no. Taking advantage is a no no. Don’t leave your drink unattended. Don’t touch anyone else’s. You aren’t entitled to someones body. We are not lions. We are not wolves. We are men. They are women.

And in the end, we’re all in it together.


This is fucking perfect. 👍👍👍